bluetooth mp3 player
Bluetooth MP3 Player

Simply put, Bluetooth MP3 players are awesome. Some Bluetooth MP3 players communicate with each other wirelessly, others connect to your MP3 player speakers wirelessly, some connect to you headphones wirelessly, and some even connect to the internet! What type of functionality do you want in your Bluetooth MP3 player? We have highlighted some of the hottest recommendations below, and continue the discussion after the recommendations. Take a look!

You may have seen new cell phones or other electronic gadgets advertised as being Bluetooth enabled. This means that the device you are purchasing contains a special Bluetooth chip. What can Bluetooth do for you?


Bluetooth technology allows your gadgets, like computers, cell phones, Bluetooth MP3 players, and other electronics, to communicate wirelessly with other devices that are within range. That means that any gadgets within about 30 feet of each other can communicate with each other so long as both devices are Bluetooth enabled. Bluetooth is very useful over short distances, but cannot be used for long-distance communication purposes. Bluetooth is a new form of technology, but it is rapidly gaining in popularity, and a wide range of new devices are Bluetooth enabled, including nearly all new cell phones and handheld PDAs.

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Bluetooth is cheap and secure, and does not require the use of wires. Someday, Bluetooth technology may mean that the only wires you will use will be the one connecting the device to the wall socket, allowing you to finally leave your tangled mess of wires in the past. As opposed to other methods for transferring data, Bluetooth is able to transfer data at a much faster rate, including both data and voice at the same time. This is an especially important point when considering devices like "smart phone" cell phones, which are capable of exchanging both data and voice transmissions. Because Bluetooth products are becoming more popular, many people have come to expect that their new portable electronic devices will be Bluetooth compatible.


Bluetooth is very secure, meaning that it is very hard to intercept data sent via Bluetooth. This is because the exact radio frequency used to send data using Bluetooth changes over a thousand times per second, and the data sent over this connection is encrypted.


Unlike infrared connections, another leading method of wireless connectivity, Bluetooth does not require a line of sight between the devices.


Many people use Bluetooth to connect the various devices in their home or office; the Bluetooth MP3 player is also gaining much popularity. With Bluetooth, you do not need to manually connect the devices together; they will automatically form a wireless connection. All of the connections between Bluetooth devices are invisible. This radio frequency connection can span the area of a home or office instantaneously. is an independent internet marketer, and has no affiliation with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, which controls the Bluetooth trademark.